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Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy

Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy Is One Form Of Heart Disease

Although many diseases fall under the umbrella of heart disease, one that receives little attention is cardiomyopathy. This disease is caused by long-term alcohol abuse and leads to heart failure in the victim.

Symptoms of this debilitating disease usually do not begin to appear until after the disease has progressed. Symptoms include swelling of the ankles, feet and legs, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, tiredness, shortness of breath, decreased concentration, coughing up mucus or pink material, needing to urinate at night, palpitations, and an irregular or fast pulse. Once these symptoms begin to appear, the disease has already progressed.

The treatment for this disease is complete abstinence from alcohol. A restricted diet and medication will also be prescribed. The hardest part of treatment can be abstinence from alcohol. If a patient has abused alcohol to the point of causing heart disease, he has likely suffered from alcoholism for most of his life. It is imperative that a patient seek treatment for alcoholism as part of their overall treatment plan.

For treatment to be successful, the patient must understand and be willing to treat their alcohol abuse. The connection between heart disease and alcoholism must be clear to the patient to understand the consequences of his continued drinking. Although heart disease can never be reversed, its progression can be slowed or stopped.

Many alcoholics do not see the connection between their physical problems and the alcohol they consume.

One of the most maddening features of alcoholism is the denial that usually accompanies it. Families and friends of alcoholics are usually remorseful of this denial as well.

Many families will cover for their loved one’s drinking so that they do not experience any ill effects of their illness. This must be stopped in any case, but especially in the case of alcoholic heart disease.

The patient suffers from two diseases, and both must be successfully treated for the patient to survive. Families need to understand that they are not helping the alcoholic by covering up his problems and allowing him to drink uncontrollably. It will be necessary for each family member to participate in the healing of their loved ones. Participating can mean that family members will no longer cover up drinking and allow the alcoholic to lie about their drinking. Facing one’s responsibilities is the best medicine a family can give an alcoholic.

Although alcohol may have caused the heart disease the patient is suffering from, it may not continue to worsen.

Heart disease instigated by extreme and chronic alcohol consumption is a wake-up call. It is a message from the body that their sustained misuse must stop. They must heed the warning their body is telling them before it is too late.

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