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Beauty Therapy Vs Cosmetology

Beauty Therapy Vs Cosmetology

People often confuse these two words. Both take place at a beauty school, both require some form of certification, and both involve cosmetic work that can help clients look and feel their best. Most people think that the two things are the same, but there is a big difference people should know before deciding on their career path.


Cosmetology is what most people think of when they think of a beauty school in the first place. They visualize cutting and styling the right way in a salon. Facial makeup, professional nails and footwear and the appearance of flawless make-up are just a few of the things cosmetology is known for. One of the main ways to help differentiate between the two is to keep in mind that cosmetology often involves things that are closely related to cut lines, style and quick things that can be easily overlooked, such as facial features or nails.

Beauty Therapy

Beauty treatment is like cosmetology in that a person goes to school to learn how to treat beauty. Academic work is often different, however. Schools focusing on beauty treatments often offer more advanced courses, such as laser hair removal training and other beauty treatments. In addition to this, they often offer some of the most popular courses offered in schools that specialize in cosmetology, such as certified nail specialist courses.

Which to choose

When students are faced with deciding which school to attend, they are often faced with the choice between cosmetology and aesthetic schools. While cosmetic schools offer some of the same benefits as cosmetology schools, many cosmetology schools do not offer laser hair removal training courses.

Students are encouraged to sit down and consider their educational goals. If a student would like to learn more advanced therapies, a beauty school that specializes in such subjects as laser hair removal training would be the best option. Students who dream of working in a salon and giving their clients a favorite haircut or appropriate pedicure will find a beauty school that focuses on cosmetology activities instead of advanced beauty treatments, such as laser hair removal. training will be above their road.

Shop around

Education determines one’s future, making it one of the most important decisions in the life of a young person. Because of this, students are encouraged to take some time off from their shopping, such as when they want to get a good outfit.

Many beauty schools have websites that write down their courses, the various courses offered, and what the program will look like. If the student is interested, they can usually visit the center, and visit the labs where they will work. In some cases, the school will even allow an interested person to sit in a laser hair removal class so that they can decide if this is the course they would like to take.

When deciding on a career path, knowing the difference between cosmetology and beauty treatments is crucial in deciding where they will go to school, and what career path they would like to pursue. Confusing both of these terms is very common, but it can also mean the difference between attending a school that focuses on style work and studying at a school that focuses on more advanced beauty treatments, such as laser hair removal training.

Prospective students are advised to keep both words, and their differences in mind as they visit different schools and begin to create their own educational goals.

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