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Self-Defense Strategies Every Woman Needs to Know

Self-defence is protection

Walking home by yourself and getting the creeps? Getting an odd feeling from someone you don’t know on the bus?

In a poll conducted in January 2018 across the country with 1,000 women, 81 per cent of respondents reported having been the victim of sexual harassment, assault, or both at some point in their lives.

The most prevalent type of harassment experienced was verbal; however, 51% of women reported having experienced unwanted touching or groping, and 27% of women had endured sexual assault.

Having reassurance about your next steps (and what you can do to help yourself should the unfortunate circumstance ever occur) can make all the difference, even if you have never initiated yourself in a spot that made you feel physically risky. Even if this has never happened to you personally, it is essential to be prepared in case it does.


According to the findings of a study conducted at the University of Oregon, women who took part in a self-defence class believed that they:

  • Had more effective precautionary measures in place
  • were better ready to deal with strangers as well as persons they know in the context of the possibility of being assaulted or abused; had more positive attitudes about their bodies; had improved self-confidence;
  • You’ll find below, complete with instructions, our top eight movements for women’s self-defence,
  • which will make you feel more confident and capable of defending yourself in any circumstance
Women’s self defense advices: sexual assault prevention and protection vector infographic

Focus on the vulnerable areas

Put your faith in your instincts, and always be aware of what’s going on around you.
A simple right hook
Finger pull
Heel palm strike
The grip on the wrist
Hammer strike
Elbow strike
a headbutt to the face
Groin kick
Mount position
Bear embrace defence


Be More Disciplined

Every style of martial art emphasizes developing one’s own sense of self-control. You create the ability to regulate your feelings, maintain composure in trying circumstances, and become more attuned to your environment. Every one of these abilities has the potential to be helpful in a variety of settings, ranging from the professional sphere to one’s connections.

The Most Effective Moves for Self-Defense


*It is best to avoid punching with your fists in a brawl on the street instead of focusing on kicking techniques such as front, side, and round kicks.

*Kicks are excellent strikes because they allow you to keep your opponent at a distance.

*Other effective strikes include the rear naked chokehold, palm strikes and tiger claws, running, and rear naked chokeholds.

What do you consider to be the single most significant aspect of self-defence?

Realistically speaking, the purpose of self-defence is to either avoid the conflict entirely or bring it to a less dangerous level as rapidly as possible. This is accomplished through boundary setting, which monitors threats depending on your ethical code.

Should you give your kids lessons on how to defend themselves?

Although it is never a good idea to encourage your child to fight, there are self-defence skills they can employ to protect themselves if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation. For instance, they can learn how to block a punch, how to dislodge a bully’s fingers from their wrists, and how to break free when they are being restrained. In addition, they can learn techniques to protect themselves from being bullied.

What methods of self-defence are more effective for women?

A keychain pepper spray, a tactical pen knife, a tiny stun gun, and a keychain weapon are some of the women’s most effective forms of self-defence equipment. One of the women’s most common and widely used forms of personal protection is pepper spray. Because of its portability and compact size, it is an excellent option for usage in situations requiring personal protection.

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