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Setting Up Your Own NFT Hydroponic System

Setting Up Your Own NFT Hydroponic System

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) was commonly used among commercial hobbyists and young or hydroponic amateur growers. Its use has declined among commercial farmers in recent years mainly due to the fact that the new hydroponic techniques available today are better suited for large-scale farming.

Amateur hydroponic growers however still use NFT more often. It is inexpensive, very easy to use, and can be easily modified to suit many different types of plants.

NFT is one of the traditional solution solutions in hydroponics. Solution Culture Hydroponics involves the growth of plants without internal and external growth. Many hydroponics growers believe that solution culture is the only true alternative to hydroponics. They say that when farmers add strong growth resources, they add nutrients to the plant in the same way as the soil. NFT, on the other hand, treats plants only with nutrient solutions prepared by farmers and introduced into the plant roots system by water.

NFT Hydroponics Systems works by producing regular water flow to the root systems of plants suspended in the tub. The slower water solution is distributed on a flat surface at a depth of 1 to 3 inches. This shallow solution is always maintained to form a nutrient film over the roots of the plant.

When setting up your NFT system you will need a shallow, low-level bath and immersion pump that will keep water flowing over the roots of the plants. Plants should be placed close together so that the nutrients can be easily attached to the roots. The immersion pump will constantly recycle the water and return it to the system. And because water is constantly being recycled, you will need to carefully monitor the nutrient levels in the water.

The NFT approach has a number of potential setbacks that need to be addressed. For example, the nutrients needed by plants can cause damage to the immersion pump. If the immersion pump fails, or if there is a power failure, your plants will not get the nutrients they need to survive. Short-term disruption to the pump can lead to complete failure of your plants.

However, the NFT Hydroponic System remains the most effective way to grow a hydroponic garden for small and indoor farmers. By focusing on pump and nutrient solutions, hydroponic farming can be made safer and more productive!

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