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Tasty & Healthy Indian Dishes and Beverages

Tasty & Healthy Indian Dishes and Beverages

For most people, a visit to the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver would be to find tasty, spicy, rich-flavoured dishes. There is no doubt that Indian cuisine is a paradise for the palate. But many of these foods are also healthy. The next time you have any of these dishes, you will probably be content that you also took care of your health.

Tasty & Healthy Indian Dishes and Beverages

Tandoori Chicken

This is a very common item on any Indian restaurant menu. It is also a favourite dish for so many people. If you like chicken tandoori, then you would be happy to know that it is nutritious. Usually, this is seasoned in yogurt and spiced with tandoori masala along with other spices that are good for the heart. The healthiest nutrient in this dish, however, is protein. Chicken is full of proteins, and proteins are good for:

– Repairing tissues

– Making enzymes

– Developing muscles

– They also play a part in blood formation

Aloo (Potato) Cooked with Onions, Cumin Seeds & Spices in Sauce

Delicious and scrumptious are words that most customers say when they taste this dish. The bustling flavours created by the spices, along with the richness of potatoes and onions carefully sautéed will take your taste buds to a paradise of deliciousness, and it will be hard to believe that you are eating healthy. It is even better if you have this at the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver that knows how to prepare it. There are a number of health benefits to Aloo curry, and these include:

– Provides instant energy for the body

– It can boost your immunity

Tasty & Healthy Indian Dishes and Beverages


Samosa is a very common tasty finger food in many Indian food Vancouver restaurants. The samosa can have different fillings. It could be vegan or filled with different meats. What the samosa is filled with will determine its nutritional value. Well, it is also a bit unhealthy because it is deep-fried, but the additions inside can make it healthy as well.

Tasty & Healthy Indian Dishes and Beverages

Buttermilk or Lassi

There’s no doubt that buttermilk or Lassi is tasty. Now the idea of butter and milk may have you wondering just how healthy is it? The two ingredients are usually associated with the opposite of health. It would surprise you, however, that this is a low-fat food. It has just the right amount of fat and calories for a healthy body, but the best contribution it makes to your health is the trigger of endorphins, these are the same chemicals triggered when you are happy, so lassi makes you happy and that’s good for your mental health.

As you continue to explore Indian cuisine, you will discover more healthy meals that are also tasty. These five stand out for now as the top tasty but healthy Indian cuisine.

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